Ready for a big dose of encouragement? Need some real help homeschooling, but... No time to travel? No extra money for hotels…parking…and eating out? Can’t break away from your family? Well…we have the PERFECT solution! Join us for our Ultimate Homeschool Expo 2010! are the ULTIMATE Homeschool Convention!
(We are recording LIVE every week AND counting down until Expo Week! Make plans to join us today!)

Ready for a fun virtual homeschool convention??? One that promises to make homeschooling easy and doable? One that offers help for EVERY aspect of homeschooling? Well, The Ultimate Homeschool Expo is your event! Right there in the comfort of your home you can join us at your convenience! We have an amazing line-up of speakers, a fantastic "Virtual Vendor Hall" full of special offers and free gifts, PLUS a "Mommy Grab Bag" that is completely amazing! Just imagine….

No large crowds!
No outrageous gas bills!
No makeup!
No parking miles away!
No walking for blocks and blocks!
No lugging big loads of books around!
No expensive trips or hotel stays!
No babysitters!
No rushing around so you can catch the vendors, yet missing the wonderful workshops!
In fact! No missing ANY workshops!

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Sound like a dream? Nope! It is the ULTIMATE HOMESCHOOL EXPO 2010!

Talk about FUN! This is one homeschool convention that you will not want to miss!
Everything is recorded live online (or you can call in and listen on your telephone or via SKYPE). Plus, we compile every audio and save it into a complete audio Mp3 library that you can download and enjoy for years to come. This homeschool convention can be enjoyed from the comforts of your own home–no conflicts with the schedule...right there in your pajamas...or while you work through your chores or take your daily walk!

No choosing between workshops. No choosing between shopping for your needed curriculum and listening to workshops. You can listen to each and every workshop at your convenience OR bit-by-bit after the event to every one of our wonderful speakers!

Just Look at a Few of Our ULTIMATE Workshops This Year:

Andy Schwilling
Art: What About Talent?

Anne Elliott
Using the Bible to Choose Methods and Curriculum

Carol Topp
Homeschool Co-ops: How to Start Them, Run Them and Not Burn Out
Is Your Homeschool Group Ready for 501(c)(3)Tax Exempt Status?
Micro Business for Teens

Christine Field
Catching the Foxes that Ruin the Vineyard

Cindy Carrier
Creating a Joyful Home Atmosphere

Cindy Rushton
Back to the Heart of Homeschooling
Say Goodbye to Super-Mom!


Dari Mullens
Motivate Learning with Adventure
Global Explorations – Geography Across the Curriculum

Dawn Billesbach
Making Family Dinners More Feasible, Fun, and Healthy in a Busy, Multi-tasking World

Evonne Mandella
How NOT to Have Lifeless Learning
Purity, Courtship, and The Ancient Jewish Wedding: Old fashioned notions..? Definitely... Dry and Dusty~ Irrelevant for Youth Today~ You could never be more Wrong!!

Felice Gerwitz
Writing Kids Fiction: Reach for the Stars
Evolution and Creation: Keeping Our Kids Christian
E-Learning: Making Video Part of Your School

Jane VanOsdol
Spiritual Disciplines for Your Kids
Publishing Your Young Writer's Work:  Tips for Getting Their Work in Print

Jennifer Bogart
What About Penmanship?

Jennifer Schwilling
Homeschooling Through the Hard Times
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in Review

JoJo Tabares
Why you can’t put off The Great Commission
The Great Commission Easy Button

Karisa Rivera
A Trip Down Memory Lane: Sweet Memories and Valuable Lessons

Kimberly Ehlers
Homeschooling a Child with Health Issues

Kimberly Guthrie
A Mom's Journey to Healthy Eating on a Real World Budget

Lisa Hodgen
"Teach Us to Pray" ~ Becoming a Family of Prayer

Lois Graham
Facing Frustrations and Surviving Stress
ABC’s of Creative Bible Learning

Lorrie Flem
How to Raise Children Who Win Friends and Influence People
Mind Training
Attitudes are Born in the Mind

Mary Kane
Take 5- Time Out with Jesus

Matthew Rushton
Graduated, Married, Got a Baby On the Way--NOW, What I Think About Homeschooling

Molly Evert
Protecting your Marriage
Homeschooling the Dyslexic Child (A Parent's Perspective)

Paul and Marissa Osborne
Have A Killer Garage Sale and Live To Tell About It

Phyllis Wheeler
Internet Savvy for Homeschoolers

Rachel Starr Thomson
Power in Words: Encouraging Your Writer in the Art, Craft, and Ministry of Writing

Regina Hicks
Who’s Driving Your Bus? Tranquility or Turmoil
High School & Beyond: The Final Leg of the Journey
Three R's for the Homeschool Mom: Rendering, Resting & Romancing

Rhea Perry
The Biggest Gap in Education and How to Fill It
Online Businesses You and Your Kids Can Start from Home

Sharon Jeffus
Using Art to Help Struggling Students/A Different Approach
Teaching Art to Reinforce Understanding of Core Concepts for Visual and Kinesthetic Learners

Stephanie Buckwalter
What I Learned From Keeping a Dirty House
How to Make Any Curriculum a Right Brain Curriculum or How to Make Any Curriculum Right Brain Friendly
Getting  the Kids to Help—Your Part and Theirs

Susan Scott
Homeschool Success for Every Child: Uncovering the Unique Gifts within each Child

Tara McClenahan
Unpacking Your Child's Suitcase 
Discovering Your Child's Love Language.


Is That Ultimate or What?

AND that is not all! We have a WONDERFUL Membership Site that comes complimentary with your ticket. It is filled with amazing gifts!
We have the most AMAZING gifts for you from fellow writers/speakers/vendors. They have been SO generous! It is one of the most amazing offers ever! Not only do you get to join a homeschool convention from the comforts of your own home, but you can peruse the "Virtual Vendor Hall" at your convenience for months to come. Plus! You can access all of the free gifts that are compiled in ONE SPOT for you. PLUS! You receive audio Mp3 Download links to all of our speaker workshops and vendor workshops! You can listen for years to come!

Hi, I'm Janice Campbell of, and I'm here to tell you that I've been tremendously blessed by Cindy Rushton's books and online seminars. As part of Cindy's Writer's Nook group, I've learned a lot and experienced solid support. Even though I've written two books, Transcripts Made Easy and Get a Jump Start on College , I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of working and learning more alongside a true professional with an encourager's heart. Cindy provides outstanding value in everything she offers, and I am looking forward to her new ventures with with great anticipation.

Janice Campbell

You will definitely want to join us!

PLUS! When you sign up! Here is what you get:

  • Free audio Mp3 downloads of each and every seminar session AND preview chat--we record them, edit them, and upload them on a members-only Membership Site for you to easily find and download every session.
  • Free ebooks from our speakers and sponsors.
  • Free printable planning pages, notebooking pages, unit studies, and unadvertised gifts from our speakers and sponsors.
  • Free BONUS AUDIOS--EVEN MORE teaching by our speakers and vendors to help you get started homeschooling on the right track.
  • Doorprizes and special gifts–Yes! You get access to all of them at your convenience.
  • Complimentary membership to our Ultimate Homeschool Expo 2010 Membership Site–With lots of free articles, bonus Mp3 download audios, free notebooking pages, free unit studies, free printable planning pages, and wonderful savings from our speakers and vendors.

Wondering...But, HOW does this work? Got questions? Let us answer them here...

images/cindy.jpg25 Questions…

Wondering about the Ultimate Homeschool Expo? Wonder what it is all about? Want to know how it all works? Let me help!

I want for every one of you to join us. If you have never been a part of our online classes or seminars, this is one that you will NOT want to miss! It is just amazing--or should I say, ULTIMATE? Want to know a few things about the Ultimate Homeschool Expo? Well, let me answer some of the questions that have come across my email for ALL of you! Ready?

1. What IS the Ultimate Homeschool Expo?

Great question! The Ultimate Homeschool Expo is the very first online convention specifically for homeschoolers. This is our fourth year to sponsor this event. It has grown exponentially every year. With our online homeschool convention, you will find everything you would at a homeschool convention, but even MORE! We have a wonderful speaker line-up with completely new workshops (totally different every year!), a virtual “Vendor Hall” and even a virtual “Mommy Grab Bag.” The biggest difference is that the Ultimate Homeschool Expo has a much, much larger speaker line-up than traditional conventions. We have over 30 speakers this year teaching brand-new workshops that cover anything and everything you would ever dream of hearing about homeschooling all in one place. Plus! You don’t have to miss even ONE of them or their workshops–you The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. can tune in at your convenience, by downloading and listening to their audios as you can. That is not all! We have the best line-up of vendors ever! The difference in these “Vendor Booths” is that you not only get to know the company PERSONALLY (you have more time to visit with them and get to know them completely since you can also do that at your convenience–indefinitely), but you also get to try out their resources (there are lots of freebies from each of them) and personally get to know who they are and what they are all about. You will LOVE this method of getting to know these great businesses. Finally, the Mommy Grab Bag…well, you have seen NOTHING like this. Not only do you get your traditional catalogs and special offers that come in the grab bags at conventions, but there are thousands of dollars in free ebooks, free audios, free lesson plans, and much, much more. It all combines to bring you the ULTIMATE homeschool convention--The Ultimate Homeschool Expo!

2. Who are the sponsors/vendors? How can I check them out?

We are so thankful for our awesome sponsors who partner with us. They have been the ones who made this event happen each year. They are busy at work helping me to make this year the best ever! I would love to encourage EVERYONE to really get to know these awesome companies. They have something very special about them–they really care about homeschoolers. Every single one of these companies caught the passion for blessing homeschooling families. When you get your ticket and see all that they did to bless our attendees this year, you will see that there is just something incredible about their hearts. I cannot stress enough how much fun it has been to see their hearts pour out so lavishly. Well, check out the list and give them YOUR support. You will LOVE these companies (This page will introduce you to all of our sponsors for the past four years-they are SUPER!): If you visit their site, let them know you heard about them from the Ultimate Homeschool Expo.

3. Do I have to be there online at a particular time to enjoy all of these workshops?

That is a super question! AND…one of the biggest perks about the Ultimate Homeschool Expo. First of all, you do not have to tune in at any time. Everything that goes on is recorded. All audios are edited and will be posted to a private, members-only membership site. When you purchase a membership, can enjoy everything at your convenience now and for years to come--either on your computer or on your Mp3 player. The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

You will also get access to all of the gifts given out--they are compiled for members in a special spot on the Membership Site as well (we make it easy for you!). They are posted on the Membership Site ready for you to enjoy ( we open on May 3rd ). Talk about awesome! You will LOVE it!

Now! One quick note! There is nothing quite like BEING THERE LIVE. Try to join us for some of the sessions as they are being recorded live. You can get to know other amazing homeschool families and our awesome speakers. Best of all, you can ask your question to the speakers. There is a fellowship in our sessions that cannot be duplicated anywhere else. So, don't miss the fun! Join us live!

4. What do I get for $39.95?

Talk about stretching your homeschool dollar! This will be the very best expense ever! You get replays of all of our audio seminars, over 50 workshops taught by over 30 speakers. On May 3rd, they will be ready-to-download.

Not just ANY topic, but the very best and most complete list of topics anywhere. That would be worth more than the ticket price, but there is MORE! Our Vendor Hall is packed out with free gifts from our vendors and speakers. Plus, we have special gifts that they have donated to our Mommy Grab Bag. There are thousands of dollars of gifts that are yours when you purchase your ticket for our event--gifts that you will REALLY USE! Again, you will find that this is the best expense EVER for your homeschool.

5. What about the audios? Can I get them on CD?

Each session for our event is recorded and posted online in our Members Only Membership Site. You receive every single workshop audio that we record --over 50 workshops this year!   (Valued at over $10 each if you were buying them at a homeschool convention-order in this set for less than $.50 each!!).

We do plan to offer the audios for sale on a pre-loaded Mp3 player or on a USB Drive. Those will be an expense in addition to the ticket fee. Those with tickets will be able to purchase at a discount. Others will need to check back on our website later for details. Those costs will be separate from your ticket cost. As you can imagine, that will be a big job for our office to prepare. We will announce that through our ezines and mailing list (get on the updates list below).

6. What if I have a MAC?

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Great news! We are using a new format this year that works on Macs AND PCs. We love it!

We will be recording live at our website in our own conference room  for our event. We love it! You can join us there just listening on the page while joining the chat room, OR you don't even have to have a computer--you can dial in on your home phone, cell phone, or SKYPE. We love it! 

Plus! We offer RSS feed to all of the audios for those who purchase tickets. You can use our feed in iTunes on your Mac to access every session. Plus, you will also be able to access the entire Membership Site with all of the gifts as well.  Yep! We are Mac-friendly!

7. May I share this with my friends?

The audios and Membership Site are copyright protected. You may not share any of the audios with your friends or support group or any other organization. Also, you may not share the links to the website or to any of the free gifts/special offers with any of your friends or support group or any other organization.

Anyone violating this copyright protection will be removed from our membership and banned from our site without a refund of their money and risk prosecution and any other legal remedies–this is a violation of the law.

This event depends upon your honesty and integrity. Our speakers and vendors are each giving you hundreds of dollars in gifts. We ask that you respect their generosity by not sharing anything but your enthusiasm with your friends. If you want to share the materials, send them to our website to purchase their own ticket or purchase a ticket with your friend (we have a special for those signing up with their friends). We would love for them to join us. They may purchase their own tickets here:  
this is to insure that our sponsors are able to be as generous in future events. We appreciate your help in this.

8. What is RSS?

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.RSS is a nice new technology online. It enables you to subscribe to the “feed” from websites and receive their information directly into your computer as it is available. Look at it as you would a subscription to a magazine–you would decide which magazine you want to receive, subscribe, and it comes to your mail box. With RSS feed, you can subscribe to a website offering subscriptions and receive their posts directly into your computer.

We have RSS feed for our audios that can be received using a program like iTunes. ITunes is free online. I LOVE IT! You can simply download it in minutes at Then, you can find our easy instructions on the Membership Site for setting up our feed in your iTunes. You don’t have to have an iPod, you can receive the audios by feed in your computer. If you do have an iPod (or get one!), you can simply plug it up to your computer and the audios download from iTunes into your iPod. Talk about easy! You would be ready in minutes to carry our Expo on-the-go!

9. How long will I be able to access the site?

Indefinitely! This is one of the biggest perks! You do not have time limits on how long you have to pull the information offline. IT IS THERE! It will be there for your convenience indefinitely! Can you beat that?

There are a few offers that The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. expire (good reason to set aside time to devour each Vendor Booth soon), but all of the free gifts are loaded into our site for you to enjoy at your convenience. We know you are busy. So, we have set up a site that will bless you for years to come.

10. I have dial-up. Can I join you?

Oh! DEFINITELY! I have access to Wireless Internet when I am in town. But, at home, I only have dial-up for my internet. My dial-up is only 26.4-28.8. For a typical ebook download, it works quickly. I simply RIGHT CLICK and choose to save the document into my computer before opening it. It works WONDERFULLY! I do the same with audios. Our audios are full-length, so expect for a typical workshop to take about 45-60 minutes to download on dial-up. Just pick the ones you want to hear first and get them into your computer. Then, you can dig in to others as you have time. You will love it! Again, you don't have a deadline to download. Also, you DO have permission to download using another computer--your husband's work computer, a friend or family member's computer, or computers at your local library. Just download and save on an external drive that you can carry home and connect on your computer. You are free to make this work for you and of course, you can just download as you get time. We will be here!

11. I don’t have a headset/mic. Can I still participate?

It is not necessary. You will need speakers to hear the audio on your computer. So, that is your biggest need. If you want to get a good headset, you can find really nice sets at Walmart for around $16. Look for the Logitech brand. Those have great quality and are very reasonably priced. Depending on your computer, you can also use earphones to listen. Of course, these are not necessary. In fact, this year, you can even dial in on your telephone if you prefer!

12. When are audios posted and ready?

Our sessions are recorded and posted on our Membership Site. The Membership Site opens to all members on May 3, 2010. Now, don't wait until the last minute to purchase your membership. Members are sent an email bright and early on May 3, 2010 so they are the first ones to dig into all of the goodies. Usually, our systems are overloaded during those days. So, be sure to join us now so you are ready to go.

When you purchase your ticket, you get access to all of our sessions recorded in our preview chats, seminar sessions, and free audios.

You can also access all of the free gifts given out throughout each session--we add them into the Membership Site so it is easy for you to find everything. These are amazing. We endeavor to live up to our name--ULTIMATE!!

13. What is the Mommy Grab Bag?

The image “'sApril-Misc027.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Remember those fun grab bags that you get at conventions?

One of my favorite things about going to a convention is getting a nice cup of tea at the end of the day and digging into my grab bag. I love looking over the new products, reading all about them, and getting all of the extra goodies, like magazines and samples.

We could not think of planning an event without a Mommy Grab Bag. AND…ours is ULTIMATE!! Not only do you get the great catalogs with tons of fun, new products listed and described, but you get SO much more! You get free audios, free ebooks (some of these you may even have on your shopping list!), articles, coupons, special offers, complete studies, printable planning sheets, notebooking printables, and much, much more. I LOVE compiling all
of the goodies and I can barely wait for all of you to dig into them. This is the most ULTIMATE Mommy Grab Bag EVER!

14. Can my children listen in? Yes! Each of the workshops are taught with the entire family in mind. Some are more specifically for the entire family. But all are completely appropriate for any age. In fact, remember those old radio shows with the entire family gathered around? Well, we are just bringing that concept into 2010! Gather around the computer and dig into topics that will inspire the entire family!

15. How long do sessions last?

Talk about a tough question! Our sessions are an average of 1 hour for the presentation and up to 1- 1 1/2 hours of questions. We allow time for questions to be answered in detail. We do not want for anyone to leave our expo without ideas and answers or at minimum, direction toward their answers. Longer audios were broken up into several parts to make downloading easier and faster. It is very easy to understand on our Membership Site. All of our audios are also tagged so they detail what is included in case you use our RSS Feed.

16. Do I have to be live for doorprizes?

Most of our doorprizes that are given to everyone are posted on our Mommy Grab Bag page--you don't have to be live to receive them if you are a member--of course, everyone can get them by joining us live too! We make it easy for members to find all of them on our Membership Site. They have a category of their own.

There are always some super doorprizes that were given out live for those that are in attendance. We have some great donations coming in already from our sponsors and speakers that are only be available for those attending sessions live. We are planning lots of fun contests so everyone gets a chance to win a lot of fun goodies! Those are extra goodies, above and beyond what we have on our Membership Site. Of course, when you see all of the wonderful gifts and doorprizes that were given out for EVERYONE, you will not feel as though you missed anything. So, you will want to be live, but you do not have to be. 

17. Who are the speakers?

We have an AMAZING line-up of speakers for the UHSE 2010. You can see a list of them and their topics above. You may want to know how they were selected? They were selected by several criteria:

  • Their heartbeat for homeschoolers–they are all passionately devoted to helping families step-up to the call of homeschooling. They are all committed to seeing you succeed.
  • Their messages–their message are life-changing, practical, and easy to apply. I personally know each and every speaker. Their ideas WORK. When each was asked to speak for our event, they were asked to share what was on their heart. These awesome topics were their choices for this year. You can be assured that you will hear fresh, new, excellent topics with every single recording. Plus! Watch how consistent the message is. We have spent hours praying and seeking God for HIS messages. You will love these!

18. Will there be other events like this?

YES! We offer this particular event every yearThe image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. as the Lord directs. Plus, this event is brought to you in part through Talk-a-Latte Online Seminars . Talk-a-Latte is an online ministry that seeks to encourage, inspire, and equip godly women for their life purpose. You can learn more about it here:   Talk-a-Latte brings you weekly study classes, monthly seminars, and regular events, like UHSE. In fact, as soon as this event is wrapped up, we will be gearing up for our summer seminars AND other Ultimate Events (filled with great studies and weekend virtual seminars). Well, more on that later!

19. What is the schedule? Do you have a calendar that I can print out?

We send out our weekly schedule via email each and every week. When you purchase your ticket, but sure to fill out your name and email on the next step. Look for an email confirmation. It will include a link. Just click the link. You will be automatically taken to a fun page that will have some surprise goodies for you (well, half-surprise since I am telling you about it!). At the same time, you will be added to our email list. We will send updates every week to remind you of what we have on the schedule. Just print it out. Make plans to join us. There are directions on where you will find each session or what number to call. It is very easy.

20. If I don't like it, can I get a refund?

We are so glad that you are checking us out. If you are in doubt, I ask you to NOT buy your ticket. Instead, check out our sessions live at Talk-a-Latte. There, you can even listen to a few sample sessions on our audio player (on the side-bar). We are leaving a few workshops available for you to download and try out. Although those are not edited and do not include show notes, handouts, Powerpoint presentations, or any other extras that we include on our Membership Site, you can see a sampling of the quality of our audios. When you order a ticket, you will be accessing materials that are NOT yours in the event you ask for a refund. This event is not intended to be an event where you pay for the ticket, get a refund and continue to use the audios and access the generous gifts. To do that would be stealing. We ask that you genuinely pray about your purchase. If you are in doubt, do not purchase a ticket. Otherwise, we cannot fathom why someone would want a refund. You are going to love it!

So, join us complimentary and check out what we are doing. If you have doubts in your mind, please do not purchase a ticket to our event. Thanks!

21. Do I get ANYTHING today?

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. SUPER Question! And, the answer is YES! I have put together some really fun goodies for all of you. These are just a sampling of things to come. And, yes, they will also be added to the Membership Site. Of course, these are extras! There is SO MUCH MORE in the Membership Site. Order that ticket today and you can access everything May 3, 2010!

22. Do you have an affiliate program?

YES! This is a new thing that we are offering again this year! Of course, we only allow our attendees, speakers, vendors, and sponsors to be a part of our affiliate program. If you want to know more about our affiliate program, you will have to purchase a ticket and then you can access our Affiliate Toolbox. Information is right on our Membership Site. We are SO excited to be able to bless those who help spread the word about our event!

23. Can these audios work if you don't have an iPod?

Yes! You don't have to have an iPod. You can listen to all of the audios on your computer. Of course, we give directions on how to use iTunes (a music player on your computer that I LOVE--it is FREE !). Our RSS Feed is easy to add to iTunes. That makes downloading your audios so much easier. You don't have to worry that you will miss any. You can keep everything organized very easily with iTunes. Also, you can burn the audios to CD using iTunes easily. We have step-by-step instructions on our Membership Site to help you along the way. Of course, you can save manually and use on your computer as you use other Mp3 audios now. You will love them!

24. When I order with the "Bring a Friend" option, do we both get access to everything--the audios, live workshops, Membership Sites--everything?

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Yes! You both get separate tickets/memberships--just a better price! Both of you can access everything! Your ticket is the same, only you both save money! It is also a nice way to "treat" your friend to a great gift!

25. When can we access the Membership Site?

May 3, 2010 is the big launch of our Membership Site! Talk about a big, big day! Grab your ticket today so you can access the site immediately!! Just get your ticket below... See ya there!

Ready for a fun Virtual Convention??? Ready for the ULTIMATE Homeschool event of 2010? Grab your ticket NOW!

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Talk about FUN! This is one event that you will not want to miss!

You will love every aspect of the Ultimate Homeschool Expo 2010! You are certain to love all of our awesome speakers. You will be stunned by our Membership Site--filled with articles, audios, and free ebooks to help make homeschooling great this year. PLUS! That is not all! Don't forget all of the AMAZING gifts we have for you from fellow writers/speakers. They are already loaded into our Membership Site, awaiting YOU! It is one of the most amazing offers ever! You will definitely want to invest in this set--it is the ULTIMATE HOMESCHOOL EXPO 2010!! Chats are so encouraging for moms. Cindy shares a wealth of information. In fact she gives her heart and soul to those who are listening to her. When I finish listening to Cindy, I always have specific ideas to implement in my home the next day. I also want to thank Cindy for interviewing me on Talk-A-Latte. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the ladies on the chat and share ideas with them. Thanks, Cindy, for providing a great service to homeschool moms. You are truly filling a need for all of us.

Kerry Beck

Oh friends! This is NOT your
typical homeschool convention!

Here's what you can expect:

1 Click our order link (below) to order.
2 Sign in as a member--be sure to confirm your email that we send.
3 Then, you will be taken into our download page for our Membership Site.

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Ultimate Homeschool Expo 2010
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Both you AND your friend have access to everything!

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. PS! Order your ticket today! You will LOVE IT!

PPS! Don't miss this expo even if you are homeschooling toddlers or wrapping up the homeschool years. This convention is planned to help you wherever you are in the homeschool journey! Grab your ticket today!

This event promises to be your best homeschool convention EVER!

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