Special Needs Conference!

September 12-15

**Specially Chosen For You, Homeschooling Special Needs**

Ready for real help? Read on!

My name is Felice Gerwitz, I am your host this ground-breaking event!

With a degree in Specific Learning Disabilities from a highly recognized college in the field, at that time, I thought I had all the answers. I soon found I didn't. My husband Jeff and I decided to homeschool our children soon after I learned my oldest had a form of Downs Syndrome (Trisomy 21). With all of my training you would think I'd be prepared. I learned to "teach to the strengths" ...but I asked, what about his weakness? How do I remediate? I was at a loss!

Neal went through a psychological battery of tests that only pinpointed his IQ but did nothing in the way of offering remediation, other than a state-run-programs. I searched and searched, finding other moms in my area. They didn't have any answers either...or answers that worked. I spent thousands of dollars with testing and pre-packaged programs designed by the "best" just for him.

How I wish I knew the group of experts I am bringing you today! This fabulous line-up is a wealth of information in regard to special needs. And we will available to answer your questions!


Our Special Needs Event Speakers!

Ultimate Special Needs Expo

September 8,12-15

~Our Schedule~

Molly Evert ~ Mommy Jammies Night

Tuesday, Sept. 6th 9:00pm EST

Topic: The Value of Motherhood

Moms often struggle with the question, “Who am I?” as they spend their days investing in everyone else. This inspiring message touches on where a mother finds her identity and how she can appreciate the eternal significance of even her mundane tasks.  Listen and be refreshed!


Special Doorprizes totally almost $500.00 from Dianne!! Only to LIVE listeners!


Dianne Craft

Thursday Sept. 8th 11:00 am EST

Topic: Kids and Teenagers with Focus, Attention Issues


Special Offer from Steve Shapiro for our ticket holders ONLY! Join us to learn the details!

Steve Shapiro

Thursday Sept. 8th 2:00 pm EST

Topic: Effective Answers To Overcoming Learning and Reading Difficulties

What are some of the causes and symptoms of learning and reading challenges? What are the differences?
Steve will go over the four basic areas of learning and give you practical skills to combat your struggles.
He will also discuss the roll Vision Therapy has in learning and reading difficulties.


Tara Jenner

Monday Sept. 12th 11:00 am EST

Topic: Following Verbal Order and Multi-Step Comands


Stephanie Buckwalter

Monday Sept. 12th 2:00 pm EST

Topic: Breaking it Down for Kids with Processing Problems

Does your child break down in the middle of lessons saying they are too hard? Well, maybe they are! For a child with processing problems, you can alleviate a lot of frustration by breaking things down into smaller pieces. Take a journey into the world of how the brain processes information and find out how you can adjust your child’s curriculum to fit his or her ability to process information.


Special Offer from Kathy ONLY for our Ticket Holders. Information on our Conference Page

Kathy Kuhl

Tuesday Sept. 13th 11:00 am EST

Topic: Encouraging Your Child

Is your child tired of struggling with academics? How do your help your child keep going? For grades 4-12, Kathy Kuhl homeschooled her son, who has extensive learning and attention problems. She shares lessons learned, victories won, and principles to develop character and help your child press on.


Andrew Pudewa

Tuesday Sept. 13th 2:00 pm EST

Topic: Writing for Special Needs Students


Molly Evert

Wednesday Sept. 14th 11:00 am EST

Topic:Homeschooling the Dyslexic Child: A Parent’s Perspective

Has God called you to homeschool your dyslexic child?  Then He will also empower and equip you for the task!  In this encouraging message, Molly shares honestly about her own journey as a homeschool mom, including how she sees God’s hand in her son’s disability, what she does to motivate herself when the going gets rough, and how she manages her own emotions on challenging or discouraging days.  Molly will also share some practical tips she is using to help her own dyslexic child succeed in their homeschool.


Heather Laurie

Wednesday Sept. 14th 2:00 pm EST

Topic: Resistant Learners

Your child just doesn’t want to learn! They drag their feet, forget assignments, and otherwise frustrate you with their excuses. Let’s look at why many children stop wanting to learn. How to overcome those obstacles! Tips and ideas from moms that have been there. Let’s get this homeschool back on track!


Jessie Hawkins

Thursday Sept. 15th 11:00 am EST


Carol Barnier

Thursday Sept. 15th 2:00 pm EST

Topic: HELP! How Do I Teach this Highly Distractible Child

Can a simple 20 minute lesson drag into 2 hours? Does your little wiggler seem to fall out of his chair a great deal? Is he distracted by things others don’t even notice? Find out what you must change for this child to stay on task and learn. Instead of trying to make this child learn like most others, find the key that unlocks learning for the highly distractible child. We’ll cover how to put motion into learning, making math fun (no, really!) and how to make learning experiences that cement your child’s understanding of science, history, and language. In other words, come and learn practical tips that you can start using TOMORROW!


and more…

Regina Lewis

Felice interviews single homeschooling mom about the struggles of homeschooling


Annie Ekeldson

Topic: ABLSS-R ( Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills – Revised)


Sharon Jeffus

Topics: Teaching the Creatively Gifted
Using Art to Reach Special Needs Children


Christie Berry

Topics: ADD/ADHD….. What Were We Talking About, Again?
Forget the Seatwork, Let’s Play a Game!

With our technological advances you can receive all of the information from this conference that will be available via the telephone or online. Are your ready?

You will receive practical, real-life, answers. These are the people who actually work with children on a regular basis and have the results to prove their techniques work! Are you exhausted just thinking about yet another expert that claims to know it all? Have you spent hundreds of dollars, maybe even thousands with no return? Believe me I know how you feel. I was in your shoes not that long ago.

YOU are NOT alone...

Do you long for answers to your specific problem for your child's needs? Well, get ready. The experts during this webinar will be available to answer your questions! Be sure to check out the schedule and plan in advance to join us for the live sessions.

Does anyone care?

Yes, we care!

Is there hope?

Yes there is!

Many of my children now have some type of learning difficulty. In fact if you think about it we all have a learning struggles! I'm hosting this conference because of the mothers that I know who cope with their children in the silence of their hearts, AND because I know what I suffered thinking I had no solutions. Many parents are home bound, unable to leave with autistic children who are difficult to handle.

Join us for a big dose of encouragement! I am hosting a series of radio interviews to ask the experts and provide solutions. This offer has a money back guarantee. Ready for the details? 

Read on...

Join us for our

 Special Needs Expo!



and a big surprise...keep reading!

Don't know where to turn?

Tired of handling this all alone?

No one to ask?

Need real answers?

No good information you can use?

Now is your chance!

Do You Want to attend this special needs seminar but...

There is No extra money for hotels...parking...
and eating out?

No time to travel?

Well... there is No need to worry!

No Need To Worry!


Everything is hosted online. We record EVERY seminars. Many sessions will be taught live and then posted on our private members only website created especially for you. You can enjoy everything--and you will save!

No extra money?

Can't leave the kids?

THIS event will save you TIME and MONEY


ONE SESSION is specifically for your child!


Learn techniques that work.

How to identify if your child needs special help.

How to take action!

Your legal rights.

Planning financially for the future.

How to take a break without guilt.

Help for siblings of special needs children.


Many of the sessions will be held live!

<<<check schedule below for details>>>

Why A Special Needs Expo?

As I shared earlier I was blessed with a Special Needs child of my own. But, that is not all. Several of my other children struggle with learning difficulties and I finally found remediation that worked. After my first experiences with my son, and I won't detail the nightmare of several situations, I realized it was up to me to find a solution.

Where? At the ice-skating rink. A lady approached me who homeschooled her daughter and began discussing her daughter's needs. Having read online (my bio from my website) that I had a certification in Specific Learning Disabilities, she asked for recommendations. I shared that what I learned in school didn't work. I had used several solutions with some success. This was to teach through various modalities (see, hear, touch), immerse the children in hands-on activities and educational trips, and teach using a unit study approach. My children had met most of the milestones (even my oldest).

Yet, their issues were not corrected, only masked and they learned to compensate. While that helps it does not make the child reach their full potential. And, for each of us that is different. Which is why I am so excited to bring you our line-up of experts.

Why This Format?

In order to save you money and to bring you, the best speakers and that actually work with children, speakers who are well versed in their area of expertise and care about you, your children, and best of all who are willing to share their expertise with you!

About our webinar...

MANY are taped live and you are invited to join us to try out our forum and learn. These LIVE seminars are totally free but we will be taping additional sessions behind the scenes. Why? Because some of our speakers run businesses and work, or could not make the live expo day. We will be taping the rest for our Membership website.

About our Special Gifts to you ...

I have asked our speakers to share hints, tips and ideas for helping you with your child. They are willing to offer phone numbers and contact information and be available to answer your needs.

What if you can't make the event? Don't worry, we taped every session for you and will make it available on the membership site ready for immediate access! No need to wait. The speakers shared ideas on ways to help your children.

Remember, you can enjoy this from the comforts of your own home and bring the children!

Plus, you can review everything many times as you wish, by downloading all of the audios to listen to at your convenience--either on your own computer or on an Mp3 player. And that is not can access all of the incredible offer from our speakers as well as personal contact information. That's right! More than an email many our speakers offer phone numbers for you to call.

This event is a totally FOR YOU! And promises to be a keepsake. One that will give you great ideas, examples and real help and hope.

This is a seminar created especially for you!

Listen live or later at YOUR CONVENIENCE.

Talk about an amazing line-up of workshops that you will not want to miss!

No crowds!
No makeup!
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Plan to join us! Talk about INFORMATION! This is one that you will not want to miss!

Everything is online on our Private Membership Website!


 AND! Our Membership Site is filled with handouts, audios, and free special reports and more. PLUS! Contact information from our speakers.

Webinar Sessions

Listen and Chat Online in our



Felice is a creative visionary. She is full of life, passion, energy and experience.

Carol Topp, homeschool mom, CPA and author


Hi, I'm Janice Campbell of, and I'm here to tell you that Felice is a creative, inspirational writer and speaker with a heart for the homeschool community. She actively seeks ways to inspire and empower parents and students, and is always willing to share her knowledge. Felice is dedicated to building a strong network...
Janice Campbell

Oh friends, this is not your typical seminar!

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Would you just love to hear from you, real homeschool moms with special needs kids who have questions. Imagine getting time to ask YOUR questions to a select group of experts.

 Well, this is your chance! You are going to LOVE our sessions. 


Remember: These talks will be archived on the membership site.


Felice Gerwitz, is a gifted speaker and educator who has unique ideas and visions that she brings to fruition for the benefit of all. She is someone whose counsel I value highly. Her wit and enthusiasm regularly find her at the heart of many organizations, social functions, and other venues. I highly recommend any project with which she is affiliated.”

Tara Jenner is a homeschool mom and the owner of The Brain Trainers

I've worked with Felice on various projects now and I look forward to each opportunity I have to work with her. She is a consummate professional. She does her research and executes her plan with style and grace. She is a joy to work with and has an amazing work ethic. I'm always impressed with the final result and I always have a great time during the process. I consider myself privileged that she has asked me to contribute to her projects and I couldn't recommend her more highly!

Jo Jo Tabares, homeschool mom and author

25 Questions…

Wondering about the ONLINE EXPO EVENT?
If you have never been a part of our online classes or seminars, this is one that you will NOT want to miss! It is just amazing--Here are some questions that have come to me via email.

1. Why is the Ultimate Homeschool Expo sponsoring this event?

Please note: Do not confuse this expo with the event taking place later this year. The regular expo will take place in  May 2012 with over 100 sessions. This one is specifically for special needs.

2. Who are the sponsors/vendors? How can I check them out?

Last year's sponsors for events are on our website. Each of this year's speakers is a sponsor as well. You will see the list updated as the conference progresses.  All of our sponsors for the past five years are currently up on the website at: When you visit their site, let them know you heard about them from the Ultimate SPECIAL NEEDS Homeschool Expo.

3. Do I have to be there online at a particular time to enjoy all of these workshops?

Glad you asked! One of the biggest perks about the Ultimate SPECIAL NEEDS Homeschool Expo is  you do not have to tune in at any time. Everything happens live but it is recorded. All audios are edited and will be posted to a private, members-only membership site. When you purchase a membership, you can enjoy everything at your convenience now and for years to come--either on your computer or on your Mp3 player.

4. What do I get for the price?

Talk about stretching your dollar! This will be the very best expense ever! You get replays of all of our audio seminars, over 20 hard hitting workshops taught by our select event professional speakers. On September 12th many will be ready-to-download. Other than the ones still being taped.

5. What about the audios? Can I get them on CD?

Each session for our event is recorded and posted online in our Members Only Membership Site. You receive every single workshop audio that we record --over 20 workshops this year!   (Valued at over $10 each if you were buying them at a homeschool convention-a $200.00 value)

Not a tecky? Order your set on a USB Drive. Plug into your computer and listen in your own home. (An additional fee)

6. What if I have a MAC?

Great news! It doesn't matter this format is compatible with Macs AND PCs. We love it!

You don't even have to have a computer--you can dial in on your home phone, cell phone, or SKYPE. Listen on the go!

Plus! We offer RSS feed to all of the audios for those who purchase tickets. You can use our feed in iTunes on your Mac to access every session. Plus, you will also be able to access the entire Membership Site with all of the gifts as well.  Yes! We are Mac-friendly.

7. May I share this with my friends?

Unlike me sharing an ice-cream cone with my grandchildren...

The audios and Membership Site are copyright protected. You may not share any of the audios with your friends or support group or any other organization. Also, you may not share the links to the website or to any of the free gifts/special offers with any of your friends or support group or any other organization.

Anyone violating this copyright protection will be removed from our membership and banned from our site without a refund of their money and risk prosecution and any other legal remedies–this is a violation of the law.

This event depends upon your honesty and integrity. Our speakers and vendors are each giving you hundreds of dollars in gifts. We ask that you respect their generosity by not sharing anything but your enthusiasm with your friends. If you want to share the materials, send them to our website to purchase their own ticket or purchase a ticket with your friend (we have a special for those signing up with their friends). We would love for them to join us. They may purchase their own tickets below. This is to insure that our sponsors are able to be as generous in future events. We appreciate your help in this.

8. What is RSS?

RSS is a nice new technology online. It enables you to subscribe to the “feed” from websites and receive their information directly into your computer as it is available. We have RSS feed for our audios that can be received using a program like iTunes. ITunes is free online. Simply add the feed URL directly into your itunes and within minutes your entire audio conference will download onto your computer. It is that simple. If you do not have itunes we suggest you download it for free. Our Membership Site contains step-by-step information for setting up our feed in your iTunes. You don’t have to have an iPod, you can receive the audios by feed in your computer. If you do have an iPod (or get one!), you can simply plug it up to your computer and the audios download from iTunes into your iPod automatically. Talk about easy! You would be ready in minutes to carry our Expo on-the-go! Take us along on a walk, to the park, anywhere.

9. How long will I be able to access the site?

For up to a year. This set at this price won't last. Some of the speaker offers or sponsor offers will  expire (good reason to set aside time to look at Vendor Booth soon), but all of the handouts are loaded into our site for you to enjoy at your convenience. We know you are busy, so be sure to download your information soon.

10. I have dial-up. Can I join you?

Oh! Definitely! Cindy Rushton the founder and creator of this seminar series ran the entire event using dial up for years. If you want to download a document, simply RIGHT CLICK and choose to save the document into your computer before opening it. It works beautifully. You may do the same with audios. Our audios are full-length, so expect for a typical workshop to take about 45-60 minutes to download on dial-up. Just pick the ones you want to hear first and get them into your computer. Then, you can add the others as you have time. You don't have a deadline to download. Also, you DO have permission to download using another computer--your husband's work computer, a friend or family member's computer, or computers at your local library. Just download and save on an external drive that you can carry home and connect on your computer. You are free to make this work for you.

11. I don’t have a headset/mic. Can I still participate?

It is not necessary. You will need speakers to hear the audio on your computer. So, that is your biggest need. If you want to get a good headset, you can find really nice sets at the local variety store for around $20. Look for the Logitech brand. Those have great quality and are very reasonably priced. Depending on your computer, you can also use earphones to listen. Of course, these are not necessary. In fact, this year, you can even dial in on your telephone if you prefer!

12. When are audios posted and ready?

Our sessions are recorded and posted on our Membership Site. The Membership Site opens to all members on September 12, 2011. Please, don't wait until the last minute to purchase your membership. Members are sent an email bright and early on September 12 so they are the first ones to access all of the goodies. Usually, our systems are overloaded during those days. So, be sure to join us now so you are ready to go.

When you purchase your ticket, you get access to all of our sessions recorded in our preview sessions, live seminar sessions, and additional free audios.

You can also access all of the free gifts given out throughout each session--we add them into the Membership Site so it is easy for you to find everything. These are amazing. We strive to live up to our name--ULTIMATE!!

13. What is the Conference Bag?

Similar to conference grab bags that you receive at conventions is the information you will receive in the conference bag. You will have information such as how to contact the speaker and flyers and other useful information.

14. Can my children listen in? Yes! Each of the workshops are taught with the entire family in mind. Some are more specifically for the entire family. But all are completely appropriate for any age.

15. How long do sessions last? 

Our sessions are an average about 45 minutes with time after each for Q & A so the entire presentation is about one hour. We allow time for questions to be answered in detail. We do not want for anyone to leave our expo without being heard. If the session is long, it will be broken up into several parts to make downloading easier and faster. It is very easy to understand on our Membership Site. All of our audios are also tagged so they detail what is included in case you use our RSS Feed.

16. Do I have to be live for doorprizes?

Most of our doorprizes are only available at the live presentations. They consist of eBooks, audio products, books that are mailed or even gift certificates. For those that are offered to the entire membership group, you will find them in the Conference Grab Bag page. Of course, it helps to join us for the live sessions in order to win! 

17. Who are the speakers? 

We have an AMAZING line-up of speakers for the SPECIAL NEEDS Conference . Do you wonder how they are selected? They were selected by several criteria:

• Their heartbeat for homeschoolers–whether they are finished their journey, teach homeschoolers, or they are all passionately devoted to helping families step-up to the call of homeschooling their SPECIAL NEEDS children. They are all committed to seeing you succeed.

• Their messages are life-changing, practical, and easy to apply. While I do not know every speaker personally, I know of them and their work. When invited to speak, each was presented with the THEME of this event, “BUILDING HOPE .” Each was asked to speak for our event, and to share what was on their heart. These awesome topics were their choices for this year. You can be assured that you will hear fresh, new, excellent topics with every single recording. Plus! Watch how consistent the message is. We have spent hours praying and seeking God for HIS messages. You will love cherish these audios for years to come!

18. Will there be other events like this?

YES! We offer OUR Ultimate Homeschool Expo in MAY 2012 WITH OVER 100 SESSIONS. We will continue this as the Lord directs. Plus, we hope to launch our ministry event, “Christian Worldview Seminar” that is sponsored by our Facebook ministry “A Few Minutes With God.” This ministry seeks to encourage, inspire, and equip godly men and women for their life purpose.

19. What is the schedule? Do you have a calendar that I can print out?

We send out our weekly schedule via email each and every week. When you purchase your ticket, but sure to fill out your name and email on the next step. Look for an email confirmation. At the same time, you will be added to our email list. We will send updates every week to remind you of what we have on the schedule. Just print it out. Make plans to join us. There are directions on where you will find each session or what number to call. It is very easy. I am hoping to have the complete session in a pdf to download but have been waiting on all the speakers confirmations and topics! Scheduling this event has been an Ultimate challenge! 

Visit the website at to download a pdf of the weekly schedule.

20. If I don't like it, can I get a refund?

We are so glad that you are checking us out. If you are in doubt, I ask you to NOT buy your ticket. Instead, check out our sessions live at Blog Talk Radio where you will find three sessions that were taped and left there as a sample of our event. Or you can listen to the session samples on the front page of the Ultimate Homeschool Expo website. There, you can even listen to a few sample sessions. Although, those sessions are not edited and do not include show notes, handouts, Powerpoint presentations, or any other extras that we include on our Membership Site, you can see a sampling of the quality of our audios. We ask that you genuinely pray about your purchase. If you are in doubt, do not purchase a ticket. Otherwise, we cannot fathom why someone would want a refund. You are going to love it!

Many of the taped session is free so you will have ample time to check out the event and decide if you consider this worth the purchase. Please, if you have doubts in your mind, do not purchase a ticket to our event.

21. Do I get ANYTHING today?

SUPER Question! If you order a ticket today and you can access everything on September 12th. 

22. Do you have an affiliate program?

YES! If you would like to earn back your ticket price or even more, you may sign up for our affiliate program in order to do so. Of course, we only allow our attendees, speakers, vendors, and sponsors to be a part of our affiliate program. If you want to know more about our affiliate program, you will have to purchase a ticket and then you can access our Affiliate Toolbox. Information is right on our Membership Site. It is also in the weekly emails for those who purchase a ticket. As a special bonus the affiliate link will be posted from time to time during the live event. We are SO excited to be able to bless those who help spread the word about our event! Affiliates earn 50% of the ticket price.

23. Can these audios work if you don't have an iPod?

Yes! You don't have to have an iPod. You can listen to all of the audios on your computer or any Mp3 player. Of course, we give directions on how to use iTunes (a music player on your computer that I LOVE—and it is free!). Our RSS Feed is easy to add to iTunes. That makes downloading your audios so much easier. You don't have to worry that you will miss any. You can keep everything organized very easily with iTunes. Also, you can burn the audios to CD using iTunes easily. We have step-by-step instructions on our Membership Site to help you along the way. Of course, you can save manually and use on your computer as you use other Mp3 audios now.

24. When I order with the "Bring a Friend" option, do we both get access to everything--the audios, live workshops, Membership Sites--everything?

Yes! You both get separate tickets/memberships--just a better price! Both of you can access everything! Your ticket is the same, only you both save money! It is also a nice way to "treat" your friend to a great gift!

25. When can we access the Membership Site? 

Once again, September 12th is the big launch of our Membership Site! Talk about a big, big day! Purchase your ticket today so you can access the site immediately!! Just get your ticket below... And I hope to see you there!

  Best of all? The audios will bless you beyond measure. These seminars are not canned presentations, they are real talks by real SPECIAL NEEDS experts ! The bonus gifts are icing on the cake. Enjoy the talks at your convenience--but we would love to have you join us for the live and bring a friend!

Now, you can spend pend time with your family and receive timely information you can begin using now!

These seminars are the best of the best! Not only will you hear the very best speakers, but there are brand new workshops, many created especially for this Special Needs event, and some are brand new.


Not sure you want to buy, well try it for free. This is the perfect opportunity. Here is a complimentary ticket to join our live audience and join our mailing list to receive weekly updates of our speakers schedule. Check our website at for our schedule

OR you can order a ticket to access the event AND our complete Membership Site with free downloads of eBooks, articles and craft ideas, recipes and so much more.

Or you can buy with a friend and save with a discounted price. You both receive all of the same information.
When you sign up! You get more!

  • The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Free gifts!
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  • Free Special Reports 
  • Free Handouts
  • Doorprizes and Gifts to our Membership Site–With lots of FREE articles, FREE Mp3 download audios (some are ready right now!), free printable planning pages, and wonderful savings from our speakers!

PLUS! Many Door Prizes!

   No purchase necessary.

Are you ready?

Here is the schedule:


With Felice Gerwitz and Guests!

Felice Gerwitz from

Excited? I am!

Here are the details...

After the seminar, the audios will be loaded into an exclusive Membership Page that includes everything you need to get your SPECIAL NEEDS SCHOOLING  off to a great start!

Here's how easy it is to order:

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Every workshop recorded during our SPECIAL NEEDS EXPO.

Bonus audios that will help you make homeschooling easier!

Access to our Membership Site with RSS feed of our audios, our article library, and a bonus ebooks.

PLUS! Extra bonus! Free, periodic updates with additional interviews by experts posted on our Membership Site of new articles, new audios, and new ebooks!

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PLUS! Purchase Your Set Confidently And Be
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